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The NUK rehabilitation chair is suitable for children and adolescents, and helps them to accept the position while sitting with their legs straight. An important feature - when using this chair, the hips of the child are in the correct position. The device is suitable as the first therapeutic chair. The hip belts, ergonomic side cushions and wrist between the hips ensure the child’s safety and comfort and control the correct posture. The chair has the ability to adjust to different sizes, thereby making it universal and adapting to the maturing of the child. The device comes in 2 sizes for children aged 6 months to 12 years. The small size and ease of use allows you to move the chair to the right place.


Recommended for children with a diagnosis:

  • Cerebral palsy - various forms.
  • Spina bifida.
  • Damage to the brain and spinal cord - a different etiology.
  • Muscle diseases that occur with paresis and paralysis.
  • Genetic syndromes occurring with limb paresis.
  • Other diseases accompanied by paresis, paralysis, and injuries of the musculoskeletal system.
  • After craniocerebral injury, spinal injury with damage to the spinal cord and lower extremities.


Symbol Measurement Unit Size 2*** Universal
W Indicative user height* [cm] < 160 < 160
A Seat width  [cm] 56 56
L Seat depth  [cm] 32 29 – 33,5
C Backrest height  [cm] 47 – 58 35 – 46
E Pelvic supports width  [cm] 30 44
E1 szerokość peloty piersiowej  [cm] 30 29
L1 Seat depth to the abduction block  [cm] 14 – 24 11 – 26
Maximum user weight  [kg] 35 35

ATTENTION: The tolerance of the dimensions specified in the table is +/- 1 cm.
* Growth measurement should not be the basis for equipment size selection.


Measurement  Unit Size 2*** Universal
Width  [cm] 56 56
Length  [cm] 62 62
Height**  [cm] 52 52
Weight  [cm] 8 8

ATTENTION: The tolerance of the dimensions indicated in the table is +/- 1 cm.
ATTENTION: Approximate value, depends on the configuration of the product.
** If wheels are installed, the size will increase by 8 cm.

Breathable upholstery

Waterproof upholstery

Medical stuff

Optional colors are available on special order, delivery time is 14 days.
Upholstery colors may vary from those shown in the photos.

Standard equipment

Nook 1 2 3 4 5
Chest pelota adjustable chest belt
  • Height adjustable, ergonomically shaped pelota stabilizes the chest
Femur Pelota adjustable thigh belt
  • Ergonomically shaped pelota controls the correct position of the pelvis and hips of the child in the chair
Adjustable wedge
  • Large profiled mezhbrenny wedge ensures the child the correct position in the chair
  • Soft cushion ensures high seating comfort
The foundation
  • Strong and durable seat base allows road wheels to be mounted.




Lower limb braces


Spare parts

Expansion of functionality



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