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The rehabilitation chair JUMBO BODYMAP™ is designed to verticalize children in a sitting position. The device is functional, convenient to use and easy to maintain. The chair is suitable for children with increased contracture of the muscles, as well as completely relaxed. The BodyMap ™ system is used to correct posture, and for many other orthopedic diseases.

The device intelligently thought out the child's security system. Thanks to the innovative “take and pull” system, you can instantly and effortlessly secure the child. The chair is made of ecological and harmless materials.

What goes into the BodyMap ™ system:

  • Seat cushion with pelvic stabilization and BodyMap A + interglossal wedge. With the help of a proper profiling device, much easier to maintain the correct sitting position. And the shaped wedge prevents the child from crossing the legs.
  • A back cushion with lateral stabilization of the BodyMap B + torso. It provides additional stabilization of the body. The cushion fits perfectly to the shape of the patient’s spine. With this add-on, you no longer need to use various “fillers” and rollers, it is suitable both for correction and to increase the comfort of the child.
  • Headrest BodyMap DZ. With this addition, the head restraint will always be correct and reliable. The head restraint easily adapts to the shape of the head, and also, thanks to the granular filling of the pillow, it is possible to improve the stabilization of each side.


Recommended for children with a diagnosis:

  • Cerebral palsy of different types
  • Damage to the brain and spinal cord of various origins with paralysis of the limbs, severe loss of balance and coordination of movements
  • Demyelinating diseases (multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and others)
  • Brain hernia
  • Muscle diseases with associated paralysis and paresis (dystrophy, myasthenia, myositis).
  • Genetic diseases with paralysis of the limbs
  • Degenerative and neurological diseases
  • Other diseases with associated paralysis, paresis, damage to the locomotor system
  • After head injury or spinal injury with spinal cord injury and concomitant paralysis or paresis

The biggest advantage of our products with vacuum pads is their optimal fit to the patient's body. Each of the pillows in wheelchairs or chairs with the Bodymap logo is made individually according to the dimensions specified in the order form.

Standard equipment

JUMBO BODYMAP™ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
BodyMap DZ headrest
  • Vacuum orthopedic headrest with the function of free modeling according to the shape of the patient's head
  • Ideal for mounting most wheelchairs, rehab chairs, and verticalizers. If necessary, you can easily change the shape of the headrest
  • The head restraint has a one-way self-sticking function
Back cushion
  • Upholstered foam
  • Pillow removable
  • Bright, fun upholstery colors
BodyMap B + back cushion
  • Back cushion with side pilots
  • A pillow is recommended for all people with weak or flaccid muscles in the back and trunk, as well as for those who spend a lot of time in a sitting position, for example, in a wheelchair
  • The pillow positions the patient and reduces the pressure on the bone elevations in the area of the shoulder blades or spinal discs
  • By reducing the excess pressure on the fabric, the pillow reduces the risk of bedsores
  • The pillow has a one-way self-sticking function
  • Body Stabilization
  • Easy-to-wash fabric
  • Quickly and easily fit to the body
  • Great adjustment options
  • Robust, military-certified Nexus fasteners
BodyMap А + seat cushion
  • A cushion for sitting with high side pilots and a wedge that retracts the legs
  • The pillow positions the patient in a sitting position
  • A special diverting wedge reduces the contracture of a ghost, keeping the lower limbs in a neutral position.
  • Anatomical pillows and lateral pilots prevent the pelvis from bending forward, which significantly reduces the strong pressure on the bone elevations, i.e. sciatic tubercles or sacral bone. Significantly reduces the risk of bedsores
  • The pillow has a one-way self-sticking function
Leg stabilizer with a belt for the lower leg
  • Separates and stabilizes the patient's legs
  • Made of easy-washable material
  • Inside, a soft foam protects the patient from possible injuries
  • Unloading function for patient legs
  • Easy installation
Frame on wheels
  • New frame version with new sidewalls
  • Wheels with brakes
Footboard with stop fixation straps
  • Footboard height adjustment
  • Adjustable straps for fixing the feet with Velcro
  • Fixing heels




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