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BodyMap O

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The BodyMap® O stabilizer roller is used to correct posture when lying down. The roller allows you to correct the deformation in the supine position and keeps the patient in the desired therapeutic position. The product can be used for different parts of the body. The stabilizing roller is suitable for patients with pulmonary and trophic skin disorders.


  • For positional therapy of bedridden patients
  • Full body bedsores
  • Degenerative deformities and muscle contractures


  • Positions the patient in the desired therapeutic position
  • Corrects warping
  • Relieves pain in diseased parts of the patient
  • The desired form is easily modeled.
  • A very long time holding a given form
  • Optional case of thermoactive foam VISmemo ™
  • Waterproof

A - Product diameter, B - Product Length

Size Dimensions [cm] Available colors Recommended accessories - catalog number
A B Cover
VISmemo ™ Cover
3D Mesh
Mass-ventilating lining
1 25 50   PF/BM-O/1 PV/BM-O/1 PEL/BM-O/1 P3D/BM-O/1 PMN/BM-O/1
2 35 50   PF/BM-O/2 PV/BM-O/2 PEL/BM-O/2 P3D/BM-O/2 PMN/BM-O/2
3 18 80   PF/BM-O/3 PV/BM-O/3 PEL/BM-O/3 P3D/BM-O/3 PMN/BM-O/3
4 25 80 PF/BM-O/4 PV/BM-O/4 PEL/BM-O/4 P3D/BM-O/4 PMN/BM-O/4
5 35 80 PF/BM-O/5 PV/BM-O/5 PEL/BM-O/5 P3D/BM-O/5 PMN/BM-O/5