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Racer Evo Bodymap

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RACER EVO BODYMAP ™ is an excellent solution with no or limited body stabilization. The stroller is suitable for moving children and adults with limitations of the locomotor system. It can be used in rehabilitation centers and at home. Thanks to the stable design and the vacuum system of BodyMap pillows, the user feels very confident and safe in the wheelchair.

What enters the BodyMap ™ :

  • Seat cushion with pelvic stabilization and BodyMap A + interglossal wedge. With the help of a proper profiling device, much easier to maintain the correct sitting position. And the shaped wedge prevents the child from crossing the legs.
  • A back cushion with lateral stabilization of the BodyMap B + torso. It provides additional stabilization of the body. The cushion fits perfectly to the shape of the patient’s spine. With this add-on, you no longer need to use various “fillers” and rollers, it is suitable both for correction and to increase the comfort of the child.
  • BodyMap D Headrest. It is a reliable support for the head, it fits easily in the shape of the head and ensures its stable stabilization from all sides.
  • Separator of legs with a belt for a shin. It allows the patient's lower legs to be held in the correct position, which prevents the legs from crossing and helps in stabilizing the feet.
  • Two-function electric pump. Necessary for easy formation of pillows. You yourself can adjust the shape of the pillows without removing them from the stroller.


Recommended for individuals who have:

  • Degenerative and motodestructive joint diseases
  • Vascular diseases or injuries of the brain and spinal cord with paralysis of the lower extremities, paralysis of four limbs, severe imbalances and coordination of movements.
    Enhanced demyelinating diseases (multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis).
    Craniocerebral hernia
  • Muscular diseases - dystrophy, myasthenia, polymyositis.
  • Genetic syndromes with concomitant paralysis of limbs.
  • Metabolic and degenerative diseases of the nervous system.
  • After bruises, head injuries or spinal injuries with spinal cord injury, paresis and paralysis, especially with paralysis of the four limbs (as part of the rehabilitation process or as a permanent orthopedic equipment).


The biggest advantage of our products with vacuum pads is their maximum fit to the patient's body. Each cushion in wheelchairs and chairs with the Bodymap logo we manufacture individually based on the dimensions specified in the order form.

With their help, we will do more Bodymap® products with more diligence, fully fitting the stroller or chair to a specific patient.

Standard equipment

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Handle for pushing a pushchair
  • Ergonomic pushing handle for pushing a pushchair
  • Handle angle is adjustable
  • Aesthetic look
BodyMap D headrest
  • Vacuum orthopedic headrest with simple modeling function under the patient’s head.
  • Great for installation on most wheelchairs, rehab chairs, and verticalizers.
  • The headrest is equipped with one-way self-sticking
Adjustable backrest
  • The angle of the backrest is adjustable
BodyMap B + back cushion
  • A back cushion with side cushions
  • A pillow is recommended for all persons with weakened or relaxed muscles of the spine and trunk and those who spend a lot of time in a sitting position, for example, in a wheelchair
  • The pillow positions the patient and reduces the pressure on the bony protrusions, such as the shoulder blades or spinal discs.
  • By reducing the pressure on the fabric, the pillow contributes
  • Reduce the risk of bedsores
  • Protects the patient from falling out of the stroller
  • It has a large range of regulation, which allows it to be adapted as much as possible to the user
  • Made of easy-washable material
  • Standardly, instead of a vest, a femoral belt is attached
Protective barrier
  • The barrier prevents the patient from slipping from the stroller, increases the comfort and safety of the user
  • Easy installation
  • The barrier is covered in a washable upholstery with reflective elements.
Folding frame on wheels equipped with rear brakes
  • Durable, light frame fashionable, silver color
  • Permanent bed function
  • User position control
  • Folding and folding the stroller easy and quick
  • Small folded size
BodyMap A + Seat Cushion
  • A cushion for sitting with high side cushions and a wedge that extends the legs
  • The pillow positions the patient in a sitting position
  • Contractors of the adductor muscles by keeping the lower limbs in a neutral position
  • The anatomical shape of the cushion and its side cushions prevent the pelvis from leaning forward, which significantly reduces excessive pressure on bony protrusions, such as the ischial tubercles or the sacral bone. This reduces the risk of bedsores.
  • The pillow has a one-way self-sticking function
Leg stabilizer with a belt for the lower leg
  • Separates and stabilizes the patient's legs
  • Made of easy-washable material
  • The inside is made of soft foam that protects the patient from bruises
  • Unloading function for patient legs
  • Easy installation
Footboard with straps stabilizing feet
  • Equipping with 5-point straps to fix the feet and stabilize the heels and adjust the reduction and removal of the foot
  • The height of the step is adjustable
Front solid rubber swivel wheels (7.5 ″ x 1.75 ″)
  • The function of turning the front wheels with the ability to block the direction of movement
  • Wheels equipped with solid rubber tires
  • Fiberglass reinforced discs




Lower limb braces


Spare parts

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