Static verticalizers

Clinical studies prove the importance of taking the patient's upright position daily for the body to function properly. Systematic daily verticalization is an extremely important element in the complex rehabilitation process as it has a positive effect on the work of many organs:

  • improves the functions of the cardiovascular system, improves the ventilation of the lungs and prevents their inflammation, improves intestinal motility
  • prevents and facilitates the treatment of contractures, improves joint mobility, prevents muscle degeneration (especially related to posture)
  • prevents and facilitates the treatment of congestion in the urinary system, helps with the re-education of the neurogenic bladder
  • prevents the appearance and facilitates the treatment of bedsores
  • significantly affects the improvement of the patient’s mental state
  • passive verticalization of the patient is often only the preliminary stage of the rehabilitation process before learning to walk and to become more independent