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The GRAVITY statistical device is a robust device that helps the patient assume a passive standing position. The device is easy to operate and maintain. Thanks to the swivel casters, it can be moved from room to room. The vertical position allows the patient to feel safe and free in the upper limbs.

The novelty of the product is the use of a rotary mechanism in the verticalizer. This solution is based on a four-link mechanism and auxiliary gas spring operation. The power supply system used in this type of products has been replaced by a turning mechanism, thanks to which the verticalizer is user-friendly.

Due to the lack of need to charge the battery and constantly monitor the level of charging, there are no longer any problems associated with the use of the power supply system. Thanks to the swivel mechanism, the verticalizer is very easily serviced by members of the patient’s family and the medical staff of the hospital; to do this, simply release the lever that blocks the gas spring. Maintenance of the device, regardless of the weight of the patient, does not require a lot of effort; for verticalization, you should only release the lever. The serving verticalizer is able to reposition the verticalizer for a few seconds, which is very important if the patient suddenly becomes ill. In this case, you can very quickly lower the patient into a horizontal position. The use of a swivel mechanism in the verticalizer helps to adjust the height of the device to the standard height of the bed, while maintaining the stability and safety of the structure. Integrating the verticalizer with the user's bed greatly increases the comfort of using the device, making it easier to care for the sick. Additionally, due to the concentration of the center of gravity of the verticalizer near the center of the device, it was possible to shorten the base of the verticalizer. Thanks to the use of a mechanism containing a gas spring, the device works silently, instead of using an electric motor that makes a loud sound. The risk of device failure is significantly reduced, which increases the warranty period of the verticalizer up to 36 months. The reduced dimensions of the device and low weight contribute to the free use of the verticalizer at home. The GRAVITY verticalizer, in addition to its functionality, is also notable for its attractive price, obtained by replacing the electric motor with a four-stage hinge mechanism.


  • Cerebral Palsy (CP) - different types.
  • Brain hernia.
  • Traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries with spinal cord injury are of different etiology.
  • Muscular diseases with associated paresis and paralysis.
  • Genetic complex diseases with concomitant paresis of the limbs.
  • Other diseases with concomitant paresis, paralysis, injuries to the musculoskeletal system.
  • After head injuries or spinal injuries with damage to the spinal cord and lower limbs.


Character Measurement Unit. Size 1
A Length of the bed in the prone position [cm] 200
B The length of the bed when verticalizing [cm] 160
C Bed Width   [cm] 55
D The height of the bed to the floor when lying [cm] 49-113
E Platform Distance to Headrest [cm] 170-190
F Footrest Length [cm] 30.5
G Distance between the steps [cm] 16-44
H Distance between knee pilots [cm] 16-42
I Vertical Range [°] 0-90
J Headrest Angle [°] 0-90
K Base width (in the axis of the wheels) [cm] 64
L Base length (in the axis of the wheels) [cm] 133
  max. patient weight [kg] 120
  Approximate patient growth * [cm] 170-190

* is not a reason for selecting a device


DimensionUnit.Size 1
Width [cm] 76
Length [cm] 175
Height [cm] 49
Weight [kg] 62

ATTENTION: The tolerance of the size indicated in the table is +/- 1 cm.
ATTENTION: Size approximate, depends on the product configuration.

Standard equipment

Gravity 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
  • The headrest is used for rear verticalization, as a stool or massage table
  • With the front verticalization, the support is used as a palm rest or as a table
  • Using the verticalizer as a massage table, use a hole (with a stopper) on the patient’s face.
Medical washable upholstery
  • The upholstery is made from medical material safe for humans and easily disinfected
  • The material is equipped with antibacterial substances based on inorganic zeolite containing silver; its use is excellent in areas of increased risk of infection
  • The material can be used many times, it is not erased. Works great when used repeatedly by different patients, for example, in hospitals or rehabilitation centers.
  • The material satisfies all the requirements for medical devices for various purposes *
  • The material has a certificate of Oeco-Tex Standard 100, assigned exclusively to those types of sirya, which differ in parameters especially favorable for the human skin
  • The material is used as a cover for hospital mattresses, operating tables, and stools.
  • The material is vapor permeable and waterproof in one direction. This means that the upholstery does not let in any fluids, such as sweat, blood or urine.
Femoral belt
  • The hip belt increases patient safety while using the device
  • The belt is adjustable with velcro
  • Latch buckles increase user safety
  • Handrails are removed and adjusted. Especially needed for verticalization
  • Handrails covered with anti-slip material
  • Handrails contribute to a sense of stability and security
Chest belt
  • The belt stabilizes the patient, creating a feeling of safety while using the device
  • The belt is adjustable with velcro
  • Latch buckles increase user safety
Knee stabilizer
  • The stabilizer is removed and adjusted
  • The stabilizer is equipped with knee pilots with adjustable distance between them.
Wheeled carcass
  • The frame is equipped with wheels with brakes and a four-stage hinge mechanism supported by the operation of the gas spring
  • The height of the verticalizer bed is adjusted by a crank
  • The height of the verticalizer corresponds to the height of a standard bed
Platform with steps
  • Platform height adjustable
  • The platform is fully foldable when using the function of a stove bench or massage table
  • The platform is equipped with adjustable steps with adjustable straps to stabilize the feet
  • The location of the steps is adjustable - it changes depending on the front or rear verticalization




Lower limb braces


Spare parts

Expansion of functionality



BodyMap Positioning