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The front verticalizer "KITTEN I" was created with the attention of children who have to lie all the time. With the help of a verticalizer, a child can assume a position, standing, which will allow him to explore the world, as well as stimulate his psycho-physiological development. Thanks to the pneumatic servo you can set the desired angle of the device, which will greatly facilitate the control of the child in the device. Sophisticated and enhanced seat belts and airbags provide a child with a sense of confidence. The device is made of environmentally friendly and safe for the child materials. Figure drawn by hand.


Recommended for children with a diagnosis of:

  • Cerebral palsy - various forms.
  • Spina Bifida.
  • Damage to the brain and spinal cord - of various etiologies.
  • Muscle diseases are various forms.
  • Genetic syndromes accompanied by limb paresis.
  • After craniocerebral injury, spinal cord injury, spinal cord and lower limbs.


SymbolDimensionUnitSize 1
W Approximate patient height patient [cm] 70 - 100
A Width between femur pilots [cm] 12 - 23
A1 Width between chest pelota [cm] 12 - 21
C Regulation height hip pilot [cm] 38 - 60
C1 Regulation height infant pilot [cm] 50 - 72
B Depth of Femoral Pilot [cm] 12
B1 Depth of Thoracic Pilot [cm] 12
  Foot Length [cm] 17
E Angle of the verticalizer [°] 25 - 85
  Maximum patient weight [kg] 25

ATTENTION: The tolerance of the dimensions specified in the table is +/- 1 cm.
* Growth measurement should not be the basis for equipment size selection.


 UnitSize 1
Width [cm] 54
Length [cm] 100
Height [cm] 73
Weight [kg] 17

ATTENTION: The tolerance of the size indicated in the table is +/- 1 cm.
ATTENTION: Size approximate, depends on the product configuration.

Breathable upholstery

Waterproof upholstery

Medical stuff

Optional colors are available under a special order, the implementation time is 14 days.
Upholstery shades may differ from those shown in the photos.

Standard equipment

Kitty 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Removable pillow on the table
  • Under the pillow is a table with a built-in plate.
Chest peloty
  • Smooth regulation provides a good stabilization of the patient’s torso. A wide belt guarantees safety while tilting.
Femoral Peloty
  • Smooth regulation provides good stabilization of the hips. A wide belt guarantees safety while tilting.
Adjustable Hip Belt
  • The oval strap and height adjustment feature makes it easy to hold the correct vertical position. Separates the legs, which is especially important with a tendency to arthrosis of the knees.
Pneumatic spring
  • A gas drive with a control lever greatly simplifies the process of changing the angle of inclination.
Support for feet and straps stabilized feet position
  • Adjustable footrest with textile fastener. Ensures the safety of the feet and their correction at the time of installation of the patient. A therapy session is carried out exclusively in shoes.
Equipped with wheels
  • Equipped with brakes.




Lower limb braces


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