BodyMap D

Vacuum headrest

BodyMap D

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The vacuum orthopedic headrest BodyMap® D is equipped with a lightweight modeling function for the patient’s head. It is suitable for installation on wheelchairs, verticalizers, rehabilitation chairs. The shape of the head restraint changes easily and adapts to the patient.

The headrest is covered with high quality elastic polyester. Bottom of the product provides a cover of the cycle fabric and the transverse. This allows you to fasten a variety of Velcro straps, which helps to fix the patient in the pillow and allows you to use the pillow in a wheelchair or car. The surface of their velcrotic fabric also prevents spontaneous movement of the headrest.


  • Cerebral palsy (CP)
  • Prevention of bedsores
  • Excessive muscle tension (hyperesthesia)
  • Miotonia


  • The desired form is easily modeled.
  • Keeps the shape for a long time
  • Fits in most wheelchairs and special wheelchairs;
  • Optional case of thermoactive foam VISmemo ™
  • Velcro Velcro textile upper
  • Waterproof

A - Full width headrest, A 1 - Internal width headrest, T - Headrest Thickness, B - Headrest Depth, C - Full headrest height

Size Dimensions [cm] Available colors Recommended accessories - catalog number
A A 1 B C T Cover
VISmemo ™
3D Mesh
1 30 15 12 15 6,5 PF/BM-D/1 PV/BM-D/1 PEL/BM-D/1 P3D/BM-D/1
2 38 22 13 19 6,5 PF/BM-D/2 PV/BM-D/2 PEL/BM-D/2 P3D/BM-D/2