BodyMap DZ

Triangular headrest

BodyMap DZ

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BodyMap® DZ is a triangular headrest for the neck and head, with the possibility of easy modeling for the patient. It can be installed on a rehabilitation chair, stand-up unit and wheelchair. Equipped with a one-way velcro function, which allows you to install additional accessories, such as a head strap.

The headrest is covered with high quality elastic polyester. Bottom of the product provides a cover of the cycle fabric and the transverse. This allows you to fasten a variety of Velcro straps, which helps to fix the patient in the pillow and allows you to use the pillow in a wheelchair or car. The surface of their velcrotic fabric also prevents spontaneous movement of the headrest.


  • Cerebral Palsy ( Cerebral Palsy )
  • Prevention of bedsores
  • Excessive muscle tension (hyperesthesia)
  • Miotonia


  • The desired form is easily modeled.
  • Keeps the shape for a long time
  • Fits in most wheelchairs and special wheelchairs;
  • Optional case of thermoactive foam VISmemo ™
  • Velcro Velcro textile upper
  • Waterproof

A 1 - Headrest width - top, A 2 - Headrest width - bottom, C - Headrest height, T - Headrest thickness

Size Dimensions [cm] Available colors Recommended accessories - catalog number
A 1 A 2 C T Cover
VISmemo ™
3D Mesh
1 20 40 19 4 PF/BM-DZ/1 PV/BM-DZ/1 PEL/BM-DZ/1 P3D/BM-DZ/1
2 22 42 22 5 PF/BM-DZ/2 PV/BM-DZ/2 PEL/BM-DZ/2 P3D/BM-DZ/2