BodyMap J

Vacuum fixation of the upper limb

BodyMap J

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BodyMap® J is a vacuum fixator of the upper limb, which has the function of easy modeling. Thanks to its shape, the pillow reliably fixes the patient's upper limbs. The latch is equipped with a one-way velcro function, which allows you to install additional accessories, such as stabilizing belts.

The BodyMap®J upper limb retainer is covered with high-quality elastic polyester. Bottom of the product provides a cover of the cycle fabric and the transverse. This allows you to fasten a variety of Velcro straps, which helps to fix the patient's limb in the pillow and allows you to use the pillow in a wheelchair or car.


  • Cerebral Palsy (CP)
  • Spasticity of the upper limb
  • Immobilization of the upper limb
  • Prevention of bedsores

A1 - Width - back, B - Full product length, B1 - Length, C - Height - back

Size Dimensions [cm] available color Recommended accessories - catalog number
A A 1 B B 1 C Cover terry Vismemo case Mass-ventilating lining
1 35 21 55 32 14 PF/BM-J/1 PV/BM-J/1 PMN/BM-J/1
2 50 22 75 48 20 PF/BM-J/2 PV/BM-J/2 PMN/BM-J/2
3 56 22 83 51 24 PF/BM-J/3 PV/BM-J/3 PMN/BM-J/3